Home Gym Tips

Home Gym Tips

Here are some tips for selecting the right fitness equipment for your home gym based on your health and fitness goals.

Studies show that exercising regularly wards off disease, increases bone density, strengthens your cardiovascular system and even puts you in good spirits. So why would you ever NOT want to work out? 

Maybe the only thing hindering you from achieving a leaner, fitter you is the idea of going to a gym. All those gym rats! All those machines! All those eyes watching you. Eek! If you’ve got the space and the motivation to work out alone, then why not invest in quality home exercise equipment? Lots of people had to during the COVID lockdown and they did just fine! Just think of all the time and money you’ll save by conveniently getting fit in your own home. What to do?


First, consider your space. If you want a single piece of equipment like a treadmill or elliptical, you’ll need at least 30 square feet of room. If an all-in-one home gym such as a Bowflex is where you want to go, you’ll need more space – possibly up to 200 square feet. 


Next, decide how much you’re willing to spend on home gym equipment. Some machines can be rather pricy. Just remember high dollar doesn’t always mean high quality. But high quality is essential for success. For example, some treadmills may cost far more than others, but that could be for a good reason. For example, some treadmills have built-in technology that reduces impact. Reduced impact allows for longer runs with fewer injuries ensuring your reach your fitness goals safely. 


Also, you may pay more for one piece of exercise equipment than you would for a year of going to the gym, but consider these pros: 

  1. You won’t have to wait for someone else to get the heck off the machine if you’re the only one using it.
  2. You may actually experience a better overall workout experience. 
  3. No one will be sweating all over your equipment and conveniently “forgetting” to wipe it down.
  4. Did we mention you won’t have to wait to use the equipment? 
  5. Oh, and with drive time to the gym gone, you’ll have more time to do other things!


Now, you’ll need to determine exactly what your fitness goals are so you can get the appropriate equipment. Need to get heart healthy? A treadmill, stair climber, or bike will do the trick. Want to increase lean muscle mass and bone density while you’re at it? You’re going to need resistance-training equipment, which can be anything from exercise bands, dumbbells and kettlebells to suspension trainers and all-in-one gyms. Have a bad back and want to strengthen your core? Try exercise balls, exercise wheels and sit-up bars. 

Elliptical for the Win

If you don’t have much room and want to get a great all-over cardio workout, try an elliptical. With an elliptical, you can efficiently burn calories without adding unwanted impact to your body and joints, all while using your legs, arms and core muscles in a total-body workout. Ellipticals have also been popular with exercisers looking to improve bone density with a weight-bearing but impact-free exercise. Bonus! Unlike a treadmill, which everyone in the house and maybe even outside your house can hear you tromping on, an elliptical is whisper quiet.  

Test Drive It

Lastly, you wouldn’t buy a car without driving it first, so don’t buy fitness equipment without trying it out. Take your time, do your due diligence, research customer reviews online and then go for a test drive before you buy. Happy training!